Alex Krueger


Strategy and Development ADvisor

Alex is a Biochemical Engineering major at UC Davis, expecting to graduate in September of 2019. While at Davis, he and Lisa Illes started BioInnovation Group to expand the undergraduate biotechnology community and improve opportunities to pursue research projects.

As President of BioInnovation Group, and subsequently Co-President, he directed the launch of 5 ongoing research projects. In this role, he guided teams through project specification, budgeting, recruiting, laboratory experiments, and leadership mentoring. In his final year at UC Davis, he has stepped down from that role to focus on a mammalian cell synthetic biology research project and strengthen BIG’s entrepreneurship program.

In addition to his work with BIG, he has interned at the UC Davis Medical Center, Origin Materials-- a sustainable chemicals company, and IndieBio-- a biotechnology startup accelerator in San Francisco.

After graduation, he plans to work in industry before pursuing a PhD or law degree. In his free time he enjoys running, salsa dancing, and playing the guitar.