Daniel Graves


Vice President of Outreach

Daniel is a third year Genetics and Genomics major, with experience conducting independent research in synthetic biology/biotechnology and mentoring teams conducting research in molecular biology and bioengineering. He is a founding officer of BioInnovation Group and was a member of the 2018 iGEM team at UC Davis, which developed a mammalian cell-based bioassay for use in environmental toxicology. iGEM 2018 at UC Davis was one of only seven American universities to win a gold medal, and won the award for Best Measurement.  

Daniel is currently a research intern at NASA Ames, where he studies the effects of hypergravity on chromatin state. He is the project lead for the BIG Algae to Insulin Research Project, which aims to sustainably manufacture insulin, a life-saving medicine, using transgenic microalgae.

Outside of the lab, Daniel enjoys running marathons and writing novels.

// drgraves@ucdavis.edu