BioInnovation Group
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Our Mission:

Support Undergrad Research

BioInnovation Group at UC Davis is a team of undergraduates collaborating on independent research projects in the fields of engineering, biology, and technology.


BIG is short for BioInnovation Group. (That’s us!)


We’re a team of 54 UC Davis students who are passionate about biotechnology.

We want to help undergrads develop their research, laboratory, and leadership skills.


We’re working on this in a few different ways.

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BIG manages three programs for UC Davis undergraduates. Each one requires an application, as well as lab safety and training workshops.

Get Involved

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Join a research team

Researchers work on collaborative projects throughout the year. They have the chance to present their work at the Undergraduate Research Conference.

Apply to Be a lab manager

Student Lab Managers (SLM) learn and develop basic laboratory skills while overseeing research in the TEAM lab.

Become an Entrepreneur

Members accepted to the Biotech Entrepreneurship Program learn how to write proposals and fundraise for their own, independent project.


 Our Impact



BIG Undergraduate Participants

Our organization was founded in September of 2016.


Active BIG Researchers

As of May 2019, there are 54 students divided between BIG’s six research teams.


Majors represented

BIG researchers come from all four undergraduate colleges at UC Davis.

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Our Facilities

Most of our members work out of the TEAM Molecular and BioInnovation Lab (2240 Academic Surge).

BIG researchers can also use the Mechanical/Electrical Prototyping Facility (1703 GBSF), which is located in the Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility.

Students collaborate on research projects in our labs to make BIG things happen.