BioInnovation Group
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Our Mission:

Undergrad Research

UC Davis undergraduates collaborating on independent research projects in the fields of engineering, biology, and technology.


Our Projects

iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine)

The team engages in a summer-long research sprint before presenting their work at the annual iGEM competition.

HM CLause Collaboration

A group of BIG students is working with HM Clause to develop new solutions for assaying plant disease.

Real Vegan Cheese

This team is working to synthesize key cheese proteins in yeast to reduce the environmental impact from traditionally-made cheese.


BIG researchers are in the process of building two miniDrops controllers and designing several microfluidic chips.

3D Bioprinter

This project is focusing on the production and purification of transgenic proteins via a perfusion bioreactor.

Algae to Insulin

The newest BIG project. This team is researching algae-based alternatives to manufacturing insulin.

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Our Facilities

Most teams work out of the TEAM Molecular and BioInnovation Lab (2240 Academic Surge). BIG members may also conduct research in the Mechanical/Electrical Prototyping Facility (1703 GBSF).


Our Team

BIG is an undergraduate-run organization — with the help of faculty advisors! Our leadership team is composed of students from a range of majors who collaborate to make BIG things happen.

Meet the team



 Our Impact



BIG Undergraduate Participants

UC Davis undergraduate students can participate in BIG community events and apply to join a project team.


Active BIG Researchers

As of May 2019, there are 54 students divided between BIG’s six research projects.


Majors represented

BIG researchers come from all four undergraduate colleges at UC Davis.


Get Involved

There are three different ways for UC Davis undergraduates to get involved with BIG. Each program requires an application and training that depend on the position’s level of commitment.

Apply to Be a lab manager

Student Lab Managers (SLM) learn and develop basic laboratory skills while overseeing research in the TEAM lab.

Join a research team

Apply to one of BIG’s six research projects. Requires basic lab training and varying time commitment.

Become an Entrepreneur

Join the Biotech Entrepreneurship Program to learn to write proposals fundraise for your own project.